In a couple of decades (not very many) scientists perfect the technology necessary to create a stable embryonic sack in which a full term pregnancy can take place outside of the female body. 
This changes our understanding of the role of the woman in our society. 
Some feel we should just take the eggs and dispose of the bodies - we don’t need then anymore. 
It’s a mans world after all.
Others cling to the romanticized image of female flesh - they can’t let go. Their dreams are occupied by fleshy grabbing and entering and the now nostalgic notion of cumming. 

Creamy dreams.
Sticky sheets. 
Some wonder if we can really live in a womanless world. For others it is no question at all.

In a couple of decades scientists have also perfected the technology necessary to make the perfect robot. Life is equal parts productivity and pleasure. We do not wash our dishes or caulk our bathtubs. We go to work - to the good, stimulating jobs left over after the robots were appointed the others. 
And then we go home, read the news and watch films. Cook yourself dinner - if you still care for that sort of thing. 
When you need it - you’re welcome to stick your aching dick in one of our fleshy computerized holes, the perfect fit every time. Bush or Brazilian. Brown or pink. Tight or loose. You can curate your cunt. It’s all buttons on a machine sweetie. 
Of course some men miss the chase before copulation. Some men have rape fantasies they can’t shake. Others simply get off on humiliation. They crave the vile possibility of rejection. So we make a robot for that too, we’re working on her now and she’s a mean little bitch. 
In a couple of decades we have the answer to everything :)
But for now we still have our women. The tiresome human condition comes with empathy and love and so we find it too hard to kill off our sisters and mothers and daughters just like that.

The women are kept on edge. Or perhaps they’re left unbothered. We can’t really tell and we don’t really care. It’s a funny thing, knowing that you’re physically un-needed - that it is only the tenuous emotional strings to Daddy keeping you attached to this society. They go through their work day to day, slightly bored. Waiting for eventual annihilation. Some have given up, damaged deeply by the suggestion of their uselessness. Imagine all the lazy hopeless women on the sides of roads. It gives us even more incentive to get rid of them.

It has been several years since this plan was leaked to the media, so the idea has been rotting in the corner for some time. The smell is awkward and stale but few dare to address it. We don’t allow the birth of female children anymore and so our homes are filled only with the last born generation of women (the ones who will die youngest) their sisters, and those who birthed them. Small men however, are born all the time. While the women are still here, they may as well churn out a few more. These are the calmest babies born to date, so settled in their immortality against the impending death of the women that they feel no need to cry. Instead, they drool dumbly down their chins and sit sparkling in pools of snot. Sweet smelling, that milky baby odor everyone talks about emits much more strongly with this batch. Some suspect it stays for good. Healthy and round their giggles reverberate against the walls of weird homes. Male homes. 

In bed I can only assume there is little romance. Like making love to a corpse. Although in fact, it is divided. Some men’s wives lie dry and unwilling besides them. Others cum with a force and desperation the men say they’ve never experienced before.