while still on the couch he tells me :

“ohhhh and in the summer she was always a little damp…”

I lie there naked and make myself edible. There are ways a woman can do this, because there are dips in our bodies which are reminiscent of butter, or something. 

I see his mother on the train and tell her that her son is very talented. 

“In what?” she asks, 

sweaty in fake leather shorts which stay stuck to the subway seats after she gets up. 

“hmmmm” I say, 

and step out - avoiding conflict. 

I live in a hot hot city, and so everyone is always fighting. I like it in the winter when the buses get steamy, everyone inside them hot and bothered, wrist deep in their neighbors and not really sure why. 

I always try to enter space with a sense of authority. Left foot first, then left again, then nose - then the right foot follows.