Opening Scene

begins black

[ sound of bath noises (water being moved) very prominent ]

1st shot opens -


A man - heavily made up in drag is in the bath
A woman - sitting to his left is bathing him - she dunks his head under water and begins washing his face.

No dialogue . Very intimate .

back to black - loud bath water noises continue

Scene Two


This scene goes on for a while silently as we watch the lamb bleed out.

scene switches - We see a girls face - she has just opened her eyes.

“I was thinking about a bleeding lamb walking through the snow leaving a trail of red behind it.”

She speaks quickly and with excitement. Almost out of breath.

She is sitting in at a table with 3 other people in a kitchen.

The rest are boys.

The first one says :

“I watched grandpa walking on a treadmill naked for a few minutes then he shooed me away.”

The second one says : 

“I was in a field. I don’t know. I was picking glass out of my foot or something.”

The third one says :

            “I don’t like this game.”

The girl says : 

“Phew. Let’s try again.”

( we assume the goal is to all be seeing the same image.)


we see a woman on a bed in a nice room. It is warm. She looks puzzled or bored. She is not bad looking, she has small tits which have fallen slightly to the side of her chest because she is lying on her back.

Woman :

 “Oh. I didn’t know that.”

The woman is naked and playing with / touching the skin on her stomach. There is a man in the room but we can only see the bottom half of his body. He is moving around frantically, uncomfortably. Touching things, getting dressed. He throws a rag at her to clean the cum off of her belly. She still looks puzzled.

(we do not understand what she is talking about)

Scene 4

In the backyard of a suburban looking house there are 10 - 15 boys. They are between the ages of 13 and 19.

All of the boys are kissing, or caressing each other’s bodies and faces. They look very average, some are more beautiful than others but mostly they look very normal. There is no talking in this scene, just the sound of
kissing, maybe music playing low in the background, as though coming from some garden radio in the distance.

This scene goes on for a while, we watch as the boys test the boundaries of each other’s bodies. It is sexual but it feels innocent, as though it is their first time doing something like this. 
Some are in pairs of two. Others are in larger groups, switching between kissing and watching.

Scene 5

In this scene Jack is dancing in the middle of the shot.

The song playing is “He’s The Greatest Dancer” by Sister Sledge.

Scene 6

A man and a woman are walking through an exhibition in a big museum. They are older and maybe a couple but maybe just good friends. 
The man is blind and the woman is walking him around the exhibition and explaining each painting to him in detail.

We come back to this image throughout the film, as she describes different pieces to him.

Scene 7

My mother is 17 or 18 years old. She is inside of a messy apartment, where she lives with her boyfriend. She is sitting on the floor among bed sheets which have come loose off of the bed and are tangled besides and around her. The bed is flat and also on the floor, a few feet away. There are some beer cans and empty bottles of vodka in corners. A few pictures are tacked to the walls. The front door is knocked down. 
The apartment is in Germany. My mother has recently dropped out of high school, because she is disinterested and young and angry with her parents and their lifestyle, and in love. Her boyfriend is older, 22 or 23.

My mother is sitting on the floor and she is alone. She is kneeling with one leg up and the other beneath her, sitting on her right foot. This way of sitting is like when you are a kid looking at something small on the ground. She is resting her head on her right knee and cutting things out of a magazine.

Her boyfriend walks into the apartment through the broken down door. He is holding several dozen roses. There are enough of them so that he is struggling somewhat to carry them all and they are blocking his face when we first see him. When he comes in he goes straight to the bathroom and throws the roses into the bathtub. My mother turns her head towards the door but does not get up.

My mother’s boyfriend comes into the room where my mother is sitting. He stands above her and she leans her head on her knee to look up at him. We only see his bottom half and the hand which gives her one of the roses. She takes it and sniffs.

Boyfriend :

 “We’re going to sell them in bars, to couples or whatever”

She keeps smelling.

“I think we can probably make some money from it”

She hands it back to him and nods.

Mother :

“Yeah, probably.”

He walks back into the other room.

Boyfriend :

 “I think I am going to kill myself tonight”

My mother nods her head along to a song we cannot hear.

Scene 8

This shot is taken from below, so that the statue looks big, as though she is standing above us. From below, we are looking at a statue of the Lady of Sorrows. 
She is being rained on and so it looks as though she is crying.

Scene 9

My mother is standing outside of the bathroom door now.
(this door can lock, unlike the front door which is broken down) 
She is afraid that her boyfriend may slit his wrists in the tub. 
(this is a very romantic image, him in the red tub with all the roses)

When she realizes that nothing is going to happen she goes back to the other room and continues cutting out pictures from magazine on the floor.

Scene 10

Three girls are sitting in a bed, criss-crossed legs above the covers. It is warm. They are in pajamas (thin tee-shirts and loose shorts, tank tops and underwear) they are young, 12 or 13, pre-highschool.
One of the girls is tall and blonde. One of the girls is small and blonde. One of the girls has long brown hair and is medium. Tall blonde and medium brown are looking at each other. Small blonde has her eyes on her hands in her lap. They sit like this for a moment.

After a moment -

Small blonde :

“I don’t think we should talk about it”

Medium brown and long blonde continue looking at each other. Tall blonde gets up and leaves the room, she comes back in a moment and sits down on the bed again - peels a banana and eats it in three bites. She is peppy and says :

“Yeah, sure, I don’t mind. We won’t talk about it.”

Medium brown nods.

Small blonde smiles, a little unconvinced. Long blonde smiles big, banana in her mouth. The girls laugh.

Scene 11

In this scene a girl is in a bathtub and she is masturbating under the water. One of her legs is up over the side of the tub and water is dripping off of her toe onto the wooden floor of the bathroom. The shot is very still. The sound of water being moved for body very prominent. Some moaning. There is a shot of just the foot with water dripping off of toe. There is a shot of hand on cunt. There is a shot in a mirror which is leaning on the edge of the tub in which we can see a fragmented view of body.

Scene 12

A girl and a boy are on the street. The girl has fallen slightly behind the boy. She is holding a peach with both hands and she is looking at the peach. She is in a direct stream of sunlight. The boy turns around and sees that the girl isn’t behind him anymore, he stops and watches her. She takes a moment, and then takes an bite out of the fruit ( a close up on the fruit ) (maybe lots of close ups on peaches / first bites of peaches, as though she’s remembering many different bites as she takes this one ) 

the boy walks towards her now, he is tall and long. 

Scene 13

This is just a scene in which two people are showering together. 

They take turns getting under the shower head so they can both get wet and they do not pay so much attention to one another, as though they do this all the time.  

Scene 14

In this scene Pink Floyd’s “Money” is playing LOUDLY as a camera pans through an empty house. 

Scene 15

This is just a scene in which two people are showering together.

They take turns getting under the shower head so they can both get wet. They are slow. The girls hair is parted at the top where the water is hitting her head and she doesn’t bother to move it. The boy holds the back of her head and they look at each other for a while, with lots of water getting in their eyes. It’s romantic but they have to blink a lot so they can see better. It’s good lighting, yellowy and warm. The boy holds the girls back and she puts both her hands on his chest and watches. They pay a lot of attention to each other, and this is the first time they are showering together. 

Scene 16

Lulu is sitting in a bathtub with flippers on. They are green or orange. 

Scene 17

A boy is sitting in a bath and he is eating Christmas oranges. He has four of them balancing on the side of the tub and is peeling another. One orange peel is floating in the water. He is very focused on the oranges. 

Scene 18

A young girl is lying on the bed stretching and is covered with small tattoos which resemble stitches. The shot is very close up on her body and the tattoos. She’s relaxed and comfortable, and you can hear the sound of the television talking in the background. The camera pans over her body as she moves around. Once she settles into a position we linger for a while, then stop.  

Scene 19