So, what did I look like from the side?



“all of your bulges were subtle and so it was easy for the eye to follow you from top to bottom without much deviation from a straight line.”

So it was a pleasure then, to observe me?

“Indeed, I enjoyed it very much, while you were mine to look at.”

And now?

“I would not go so far as to say that I miss you, although I do of course think of you in private from time to time, if that’s what you are asking.”

And in the end?

“And in the end you were cold, both in attitude and to the touch.”

I wonder why..

“Because you had begun to despise me, I suppose. Remember what I said about everything becoming annoying? Everything had became annoying.”

I remember. 

“I used to especially dislike this about you - 


“I was about to tell you”

No don’t, I’m already embarrassed about too many things.

“That’s not true”

You don’t know. 


And at the beginning?

“At the beginning I was surprised by how intelligent you were. I usually like sleeping beside successful but soft bodies that I can teach things too.”

That’s boring, are you ever bored?

“I find it thrilling, I don’t know boredom. I refuse it.”

That’s brave. 


Why does this exchange of information, or intellect never feel equal?

“Because it isn’t. One of us is always smarter. I guess with you I wasn’t sure. Sometimes your silence made me question whether you were completely dumb or if you were more clever than you let on. That you were just making fun of me all the the time. That’s why I had to kill you.”


Anyway, what about in the middle?

“In the middle I don’t know. You did some things which I’m ashamed to say made me view you differently. I guess it has something to do with embarrassment. I am very aware of my image you know, reputation? What the people expect of me? You don’t have a lot of regard for that and I must admit it disturbed me.”


“Yes, disturbed, it means to interfere with the normal arrangement or - ”

(interrupting) I know what “disturbed” means

“Okay well, that’s what it did to me, on occasion I found myself disturbed by you.”

I think that’s okay, replace disturbed with a word like, challenged or surprised by and I think those are signs of a healthy relationship” 

“Yes, I suppose you would think that way.”

So you wouldn’t be interested in hearing how I feel about all this?



“You like seeing yourself in certain lights, you know what I mean?” 

I don’t know what you mean. 

“Certain warmer lights turn you on. You’re like a stupid lizard.”

I think you’ve got the wrong girl, I’m very active. You’re the one who lies around in bed all day. 

“I don’t like it when you try and teach me things about myself. I mean, you’re correct most of the time but I can’t understand how you don’t see that it’s a waste of time. I’ll never listen!”

Yes, that much has become clear to me.

“You have an air of superiority about you, you know that? and it stinks, like, I can actually smell it here in the room with us? 

Now you’re just getting angry. 

“Yes, but anyway, this is all becoming very boring for me.”

The conversation is? 

“Sure, all of it.”